About Brewtown Roasters


Brewtown came to be through a group of Sydney coffee professionals coming together to deliver a stunning café in a beautiful industrial space in Newtown Australia. We won awards, made plenty coffee, influenced the Sydney brunch scene and had a great time doing it, but our roots remain planted in roasting coffee


Our coffee combines the best of tradition with the best of modern roasting and brewing science.  Every coffee bean that passes through our doors undertakes an incredible journey to get here. From the farmers to the graders, the merchants to the cuppers, each cup of coffee tells the story of hundreds of people working together across the globe with a common goal: great coffee.


Serving coffee that interests and excites us is what we’re all about. Not only does the coffee we buy have to stand out on the cupping table, it has to meet our social and environmental standards. We make sure that the people who produce our coffee are the getting the best deal possible. We’ve seen the hard work and dedication of farmers first-hand.


As the final link in this amazing supply chain, it’s our responsibility to get the best out of each and every roast. We combine thorough quality assurance, constant sensory training, and the latest in roasting software and equipment to make sure we’re doing our friends around the world proud.

They deserve it, and so do you!